Our Services

No matter where you are in your author career, from first timer, to seasoned pro, we have everything you need to succeed. Our wide range of author services spans from editing to cover design to ghost writing. We also offer numerous opportunities for authors, no matter where they are in their career.
  • Outline

    You want to write your own book but don't quite know where to start. Let our team of established authors plot a book that will fly off the shelves.

    Outline $300 
  • Ghost Writing

    Our professional team of ghostwriters can follow your outline or you can buy one of ours. We specialize in Fantasy, Young Adult, Fairytales, PNR and Urban Fantasy.

    Ghostwriting $0.10 pw 
  • Blurb

    We know how difficult it can be condensing your book down to so few words and yet still summing up the essence of the book in a way that makes it appealing.​

    Let our team write your blurb for you to give your book the wings to fly.

    Let us write your blurb $75 
  • Line Edit

    Your book is finished and needs a good polish to correct those sneaky typos and grammar issues.

    Line Edit $0.01pw 
  • Developmental Edit

    Your book needs a little extra TLC to give it direction. This is more thorough than a line edit and is perfect for those books that may need a few pointers on which direction to go.

    Developmental Edit 0.02pw 
  • Proofreading

    You've got your book ready to go but need one last read through with a fresh pair of eyes. 

    Proofreading 0.003pw 
  • Audiobook Proofing

    You've found the perfect narrator, now get your audiobook checked by our experienced team in a fast and reliable way.

  • Personal Assistance PA/VA

    Want to spend your time writing? Then let our virtual assistance team help you with everything else.

    PA $20ph 
  • Tiktok

    Want to post Tiktoks to increase your awareness but don't have time? Let our Tiktok team take over the job for you

    TikTok Posting from $150